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Welcome to 2020!

Article Written By: Jenny Quilty & Katrina Abram, Pacific Pine Running Co.

Fraser Valley Wellness Corner January 2020The New Year can be an exciting time, a way to turn the page and shout from the rooftops our dreams and goals. It’s where we can say things like “I am going to run my first marathon!” or “I want to try trail running”. It’s easy to say these things but then how do we realistically stick to everything we know we want to do? Somehow July arrives and we’ve given up our plans completely because we think we don’t have the time or are maybe too scared to try.

But guess what? We want to encourage you to create meaningful changes that will last a life time. A new year sure does help make things feel fresh, but setting little micro goals is way more manageable and often the way to reach those bigger goals after all! Here are our top tips to help you set new year’s resolutions that might even last a life-time.

Start Small: be strategic and allow yourself success. Think of it as chipping away, a little at a time. Getting a little bit done counts and there should be pride taken in doing the grunt work. In our marathon training example, you could think of this as beginning to run consistently. Even if it’s only 15 minutes of running 3 days per week, it counts and will add up over time

Goals: when choosing your goals think about how realistic they are and think of incentives – sometimes this means the reward, perks of planning to do things with others, setting realistic plans even during the initial excitement, and use a calendar or day timer to think about planning for your life and other responsibilities vs. just jumping in

The Mental Side: managing the mental block of winter weather and avoiding the wait until spring to start can be difficult. Prepare yourself to make the choice to get started or go out on a rainy day as much as you prepare your gear. Pick a positive statement or have a smaller incentive that can assist you with getting out on those days where it is just a little more difficult.

Ways to get social accountability, have fun, and get outside:
– Join in on a Running Room clinic run or group run
– Hang out with Janet and her gang at Garrison running Co. in Chilliwack for a clinic or group run
– Run with the Abbotsford Trail Running Club who meet up several times a week for various running levels
– Check out Trail Posse in Chilliwack or Fox Fleet in Abbotsford for woman only runs
– Join us, Pacific Pine Running Co., at our spring clinic this April and get ready for your next race

Whatever your running goals, we are always here to help guide you, so feel free to shoot us an email!

Jenny and Katrina

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