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Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath - Wellness Blog Article

This month, let’s chat about the stuff that really matters at this moment. First, we want to recognize that over the past month many stressors have significantly increased for everyone. We aren’t here to spread fear, repeat what you are seeing on the news, or sugar coat the current situation that Covid-19 has placed on the world. We are here to offer a moment to check in and to take a deep breath. This month let’s focus on strategically managing what we can control of life’s stressors and find time to pause and check in on ourselves and those around us (both literally and figuratively speaking).

Based on the pillar of Mental Wellness, this month we want to provide you with resources to create moments of mental wellness amidst the chaos, be it a household with children home from school, partners home together, or being at work as an essential service provider.

As routines shift one of the best things we can do for our human brains is maintain some sort of routine. This might mean simply having a general outline for the day, going as simple as planning out times for each of our meals. Next, add in a specific ‘down time’ where you can have even 5 minutes to practice some deep breathing, look out the window at the birds, or listen to your favourite music. Parents, this might overlap with a bathroom break.

Next, use free resources. We aren’t here to plug any specific app or group, but there are a few free ones we think everyone should know about.

  1. At home relaxations or assistance with quieting the mind when you are falling asleep at night there is Insight Timer, a meditation app.
  2. Free yoga, meditations (including some for kids!) there is: www.doyogawithme.com and also many local teachers and studios are currently offering free online options!
  3. Gratitude Log. This can be tech-based with the Gratitude Log app or simply something you jot down on a piece of scrap paper. Writing 2-3 things down daily that you are grateful for can help keep the mind positive and challenge any difficult or negative thoughts.

Lastly, remain informed but set your own boundaries with the information you are exposing yourself to and the duration of it. Most people benefit from choosing 1 or 2 times a day where they tune into the news, then tune out. Remember that while we want to know the ongoing changes, we can’t control or change our stressors by hearing this information all day. It is ok to step back and focus on life in the moment and check in on ourselves throughout the day.

We want to extend our biggest virtual hug to you all and please comment below with your favourite mental wellness apps, resources, or ways you are keeping well!

Katrina and Jenny
Pacific Pine Running Co.

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