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A Sensible Meal Solution for the Busy Lifestyle!

an article by Natasha Mijinke

Mama Michelle - Fraser Valley Shop Local

Mama Michelle’s

Is there anything more taxing than the thought of going home to cook dinner for your family after a long stressful day of work, school, family obligations and organized activities? For me the exhaustion usually means that I am stopping at a local Pizza establishment to grab a couple pizza’s because one, I know my kids will actually eat them and two, I have no idea what’s in my freezer at home. If only I had a personal chef at home who would actually remember to take the meat out to thaw and have a hot home cooked meal waiting for me when we got home. Enter Mama Michelle <3

Daily, in the heart of Downtown Abbotsford, Mama Michelle is busy in her clean, custom built kitchen preparing meals using only the fresh ingredients that make all your comfort memories come rushing back. From fully prepared entrées, soups, salads, and desserts, a quick stop on the way home means a huge relief to my hungry family at home. A New Year, brings new challenges with planning and creating meals that are healthy and budget friendly. Especially when life throws you those curveballs that feel as if you are being pushed you over the edge, sometimes the effort to even shop, think, and prepare a meal is just too much.

As a former social worker for MCFD with at risk youth, Michelle understands the importance of coming together around the table for a nutritious meal. The busy mom of two boys and one step son never thought that her business idea would meet the needs of so many in the community. “At first, I was just expecting to prepare large meals for busy families, I never thought there would be the demand for small meals for seniors.” says Michelle. She is referring to the aging population that often struggles to get to the grocery store to purchase food and then to prepare nutritious meals at home. A wholesome meal could make a huge difference to those who have recently been released from hospital, had a baby, suffered a loss, or have been affected by trauma. Mama Michelle is eager to work with those who are arranging meal trains and also offers delivery for any orders $60. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options are also available from her kitchen so the possibilities are almost endless.

Throughout her first year in business, Michelle has been able to expand her business to offer off-site catering for 8-150 people. From breakfast business meetings to party trays for a luncheon, and Christmas parties to funerals, Mama Michelle’s Kitchen is that perfect local business to have in your speed dial for event planning. Nominated in her first year for the Business Excellence Award, Michelle has a heart for serving her community that expands beyond her kitchen walls. She has a desire to provide meals to the MY House Project in Mission which supports young people and empowers them to contribute back to their community. Michelle is currently collecting donations to this project in hopes of providing meals on a regular basis. Those individuals and businesses who are interested in making a donation are encouraged to e-mail her at info@mamamichelles.ca. To learn more about MY House visit https://missioncommunityservices.com/my-house.

Mama Michelle’s Kitchen can be found at 110-33442 South Fraser Way, or visit her website for an extensive menu of fresh home cooked meals to go! Bon appetite!

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