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Pillars of Wellness

Article Written By: Jenny Quilty & Katrina Abram, Pacific Pine Running Co.

Seven Pillars of Wellness - Wellness CornerHands up if you’re happy it’s February!

January was all about getting started on the new year and now we are officially one month in. It’s a good time to reflect on the new year’s resolution you set or how you hoped to start the new year. Maybe so far things are exactly as planned, but maybe not. After all, life happens even with the best set plans.

Sometimes our new year’s resolutions can be specific, and although an important component of a good goal, they can narrow our focus from our overall wellness.

This month is all about introducing, or maybe just reminding you, to consider all elements of your health and wellness throughout 2020. Wellness is the process of being aware of and making specific choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

There are seven pillars of wellness:

  • Physical Wellness (ex. exercise, sleep, nutrition)
  • Emotional Wellness (ex. managing stress, mental health)
  • Social Wellness (ex. social connections, groups)
  • Intellectual Wellness (ex. learning, reading, creating)
  • Spiritual Wellness (ex. time in nature, faith practices, meditation)
  • Environmental Wellness (ex. awareness of resources & waste, consumption)
  • Occupational (or productive) Wellness (ex. contributions to work &/or family roles)

Within each pillar there are various aspects that we can focus on to increase our happiness and wellness. For the month of February we encourage you to assess the areas of wellness and consider which areas you most active in and which could use a little more attention. We all tend to have our own areas of focus and broadening the awareness of all pillars can lead to improved health and also greater happiness.

Identifying areas for improvement can lead to small changes, that over time add up and establish maintainable, healthy habits. This month we are identifying the pillars, outlining a few of the components in each pillar, and encouraging you to reflect on your wellness routines. If you were to rate your wellness in each pillar from 1-10 with 1 being little to no engagement and 10 being a daily focus how would that look? Which pillars could use you a little more focus to increase your health and wellness?

Next month we will dive deeper into a pillar and talk about specific ways to improve wellness! If you have one you would love to read about first, or questions from this month’s article, reach out to us by email or through social media!

Pacific Pine Running Co.


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