Flea Season

Flea season is upon us, please be sure to treat your pets with Revolution. One dose a month, and they are protected from fleas; kills the adults and prevents the hatching of flea eggs, prevents heartworm disease, ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and ticks. Revolution is a quick drying, non greasy, topical with no unpleasant odor available through your Veterinarian.

It’s Hot!

The weather has been ridiculous lately, cold then scorching, make sure to keep your pets hydrated, offering water consistently, and wetting down their bellies with cold water if they are getting too hot, it helps cools them down fast. Also please leave your pets at home while you run errands. It is way too hot in a closed up car for your Fur Babies to be sitting in there. Leave them safe at home.

Dog Friendly People Foods

Apples – Full of fibre and vitamins A and C, (be sure to remove the core and seeds before giving it to Fido).
Blueberries – A superfood rich in Antioxidants.
Pears – High in Copper, Fibre, and Vitamins C and K
Carrots – A low carbohydrate snack, high in Fibre, and Beta-Carotene and the crunch will help keep your dogs teeth clean as well.
Cucumbers – Perfect snack for dogs that are overweight, they have little to no carbs, fats or oils plus it boosts energy. Loaded with Potassium, Copper, Magnesium, Biotin and Vitamins K, C and B1.

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