New Years Resolutions

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27 New Year’s Resolution Ideas

1. Get in shape and eat healthier

2. Quit Smoking is simply a given

3. Reduce stress and learn to be happier with your life

4. Cut back on the alcohol and perhaps drink a little less

5. Start an investment fund and save some money

6. Get started on those to do projects you have been putting off

7. Improve your mental concentration skills and create a better focussed you

8. Become more active and go out more often, be adventurous and meet new people

9. Increase your own politeness and manners, hold the door open for someone, thank yous go a long way

10. Get more quality sleep each night, turn off the digital age in the bedroom

11. Watch less TV and perhaps pick up a book to read or enjoy the company of a loved one

12. Find a significant other for a long term relationship

13. Become tidier and organize your living space

14. Learn how to dress with style, perhaps give yourself a new fashionable look

15. Spend more time with the people that matter in your life like your spouse, kids, parents

16. Develop a strategy or seek guidance to get out of debt

17. Learning a new language can be of course educating but also fun, may even encourage your next vacation spot

18. Volunteering with a local charity on a regular basis

19. Learn a new hobby, join a new hobby group

20. Rather than purchasing a pet from a breeder, perhaps adopt a pet from a shelter

21. Book a vacation for somewhere you have never been, see more of the world

22. Learning how to cook is awesome

23. Be more punctual for meetings and events

24. Take a self defense class and become more self reliant

25. Face your personal fears and insecurities

26. Write a book about something you are an expert in or have a strong interest in

27. Spend less time on Social Media and more time with family

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