Long Summer Nights – Field House Brewing

by Natasha Mijinke

Does anything describe a more perfect summer evening than “Good Beer, Good Eats, and Good Times”? Coming from a non-beer fan, this might be surprising, but I love my little hang out at the Field House Brewery in East Abby! Grab a few friends or come solo and make some new ones there is always something going on at this hip brewery on West Railway street.

Perhaps it was the clean, crisp look of the outside of this trendy little building or the cozy cabin feel that welcomed me when I walked in, but I instantly fell in love. We were met by some chill laid back staff that seemed to love everything about their jobs. First, I enjoyed visiting for their in-house brewed Kombucha, but slowly I have gained a taste for the Sour Wheat Gose. I know! I’m now drinking beer! So, it might be the lightest beer, but too me it’s the best one on tap. Even so much that I have purchased my own growler to sneak a little home to enjoy on my patio. My favourite is when Field House brewing partners with another beloved local company, The Habit Project, to create an exquisite Radler with fresh pressed juice right from the Fraser Valley. Who knew that mixing fresh fruit juice and beer would taste so good. This has become my drink of the summer and I can’t get enough of it.

After I order up a jar of my favourite drink, I head on outside to their licenced lawn area and await my order from the canteen. Grab a lawn chair, or a blanket, or roll around on the fresh cut grass if you like but there is plenty of space and activities. The sun is beginning to set, and the summer nights are growing a bit shorter and I am not wanting this feeling to end. Just as I finish my first game of bean bag toss my Prosciutto pizza and Duck Taco’s arrive. SO delicious! So much so that it makes my mouth water just writing about them. It’s the perfect pairing with this fantastic beer and the great company, but that’s not it.

I may rave about the pizza and beer but what I really came for was the summer music series taking place right on their own lawn. Up tonight is the husband and wife duo of the Coalmont Band. Now you are going to have to pull me right out of this place. As I start to see the line-up grow of anxious customers wanting to get their spot in this intimate venue, I seem to wonder if the Field House crew will expand their premises down the road, (maybe to my backyard ). But then I fear that they would lose the cozy atmosphere so many have come to enjoy.

Just over a year old, the Field House Brewing Company has created a brand that is becoming recognised in the local community. Partnering with various business and events, they show their community pride in so many ways. Check out their Facebook page for a listing of activities and upcoming events. They even held a Yoga class on the lawn last month! Unfortunately, I missed it, but Yoga and beer? Now that’s a combo I’m eager to try; Namaste.

The Field House Brewing Company can be found at 2281 West Railway Street in East Abbotsford everyday but Monday’s. Cheers!

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