Mission Memorial Hospital

Mission Memorial Hospital - Mission, BC

Located at:
7324 Hurd Street,
Mission, British Columbia
Canada V2V 3H5

Telephone: 604-826-6261
Website: Mission Memorial Hospital

Mission Memorial Hospital is the only one around with free parking, some services may be limited but the patient care is still outstanding.They provide 24/7 emergency medicine, surgery, medical imaging, cardiac services, Intensive Care Unit, dialysis, and of course a full range of other services

They also offer a one-way messaging option for you to send mail to patients. You can send an email that includes the patient’s full name, unit and room number, along with your message and it will be hand delivered by a volunteer, but patients are unable to respond through this service. Send your messages to: YouveGotMail.MMH@fraserhealth.ca

Visiting Hours
There are no set visiting hours for the hospital. You should inquire with the specific department nurses regarding their visiting hour restrictions.

Green Street Café
Monday to Friday 8:30am – 2:00pm

Gift Shop
Phone: 604.826.6261 ext 625416