Chilliwack Charities and Community Groups

Chilliwack Charities - Community Groups ChilliwackThere are many Chilliwack charities and community groups that provide services to our community. Many have probably been missed below but we have noted some of the key Chilliwack charities.

Chilliwack is a very compassionate and giving community with several noteworthy causes. Various cultures and religions utilize the act of compassion through many different ways.

If we have missed your local registered charity or community group, please let us know through our online contact form. Include with your email the same specific details as outlined below for other charitable causes.

Hungry For Life International - CharitiesHungry For Life International
45950 Alexander Avenue
Chilliwack, BC V2P 1L5
Phone: +1 (604) 703-0223

Chilliwack Society for Community Living - Community CharitiesChilliwack Society For Community Living
9353 Mary St
Chilliwack, BC
Phone: 604-792-7726

Chilliwack Hospice Society - Community CharitiesChilliwack Hospice Society
45360 Hodgins Ave.
Chilliwack BC