Abbotsford Skateparks

Abbotsford skateparks are very popular among the youth of the Fraser Valley and there are two of them to visit. The Abbotsford Skateparks terrain provides various levels of Skating ability. Whether you Rollerblade, BMX or Skateboard, you will enjoy the fun and challenging opportunities for a broad range of skating styles and abilities available to you at these Parks.

McMillan YouthparkMcMillan Skatepark - Abbotsford Skatepark Near Me

Abbotsford Youthpark is known as the “must see and skate a lot” skate park among the locals and gets a lot of out of town attention too. This skate park always carries a good vibe with all the good lines it has to explore. It is specfically located on the corner of Old Yale and McMillan, beside the Abbotsford Recreation Centre. McMillan Youth Park is the most popular skatepark with a 25,000 square foot street-scape style and a wide variety of skate styles for a wide assortment of ability levels.

Located at: 34778 Old Yale Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia

McMillan Skatepark - Abbotsford Skatepark Near Me

McMillan Skatepark - Abbotsford Skatepark Near Me

Credit to 7 year old Kaelen Faux and Protest Movement for this video

Mouat SkateParkMouat Skatepark - Abbotsford Skateparks

Mouat Skatepark is specifically located beside the Matsqui Recreation Centre. Mouat is a smaller skatepark with a 4,000 square foot hybrid bowl. The old bowl was demolished in 2015 and replaced with a new one. Mouat Park offers fun and challenging terrain for all skating or biking abilities.

Located at: 3106 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford, British Columbia

Mouat Skatepark - Abbotsford Skateparks

Mouat Skatepark - Abbotsford Skateparks

Credit to Keith Dobie for this Skatepark Video

Crime Stoppers, British Columbia, Canada

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