Local Cities – Fraser Valley Towns


Abbotsford consists of many neighborhoods, first there is East Abbotsford which consist of the following neighborhoods, Arnold, Auguston, Barrowtown, Clayburn, Clayburn Heights, Clayburn Village, Historic Downtown Abbotsford, Eagle Mountain, Fairfield, Fairfield Express, Highlands, Huntingdon, Kilgard, Ledgeview, Matsqui, McMillan, Gifford, McKinley, Mountain Heights, Mountain Village, Straiton, Sandy Hill, Sumas, Sumas Mountain, and the Sumas Prairie.

There is Central Abbotsford that is in part the McCallum area. And then the South-East U-District or University District.

Then there is West Abbotsford which consists of Aberdeen, Blueridge, Bradner, Clearbrook, Mount Lehman, Parkside, Peardonville, Pepin Brook, North Poplar, South Poplar, Ten Oaks, Townline, and Upper Ten Oaks.

Each neighborhood unique and amazing in its own, combined to make one hell of a town!


Chilliwack is the seventh largest city if British Columbia and consists of technically 21 neighborhoods. Those being, Cheam, East Chilliwack, Fairfield Island, Rosedale, Atchelitz, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack Mountain, Chilliwack Proper, Cattermole, Little Mountain, Promontory,Villiage West, Tzeachten, Eagle Landing, Eastern Hillsides, Greendale, Popkum, Ryder Lake, Sardis, Vedder, and Yarrow.

Chilliwack is broken down into 11 main neighborhoods Chillwack (which ties together Chilliwack Proper, Little Mountain and Failrfield), Chilliwack Mountain, Eastern Hillsides, Greendale, Promontory, Cattermole, Rosedale, Ryder Lake, Sardis-Vedder, Village West and Yarrow.

Chilliwack hold a lot of history and is an amazing community to live and raise your family!

City of Langley – Township Of Langley – Fort Langley

The Township of Langley is a whopping 122 square miles and consists of 10 communities to make a whole. There is Northwest Langley, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley, Willoughby, Willowbrook, Murrayville, Rural, Gloucester, Aldergrove, and Brookswood/Fernridge.

Each neighborhood is unique on its own but combined the Township of Langley has 416 acres of active park lands and 477 acres of passive park lands so you are bound to find an amazing place to relax and enjoy your time out with your family.

Fort Langley is known for its history that began as early as the 1800s. Even to this day the new structures are to follow strict guidelines for building to match the towns appearance. This town is definitely a sight to see!

District of Mission

Mission neighborhoods are defined by school and store of the same name, the following is the list so far Silverdale, Silverhill, Ruskin, West Heights, Stave Falls, Stave Gardens, Steelhead, Cedar Valley, Keystone Road, Clay Road, Richards Road, Cade-Barr, Cherry Hill, Ferndale, Hatzic, and Hillside.

Communities that are also linked closely to Mission are Hatzic Valley, Durieu, Hatzic Prairie, Hatzic Island, McConnel Creek, Miracle Valley, Sylvester Road, Dewdney, Nicomen Island, Deroche, and Lake Errock.


The District of Hope history can be divided into thousands of years of First Nations settlements and European settlements from the 1800s to the present day. Hope is known for its amazing attractions, parks and the wooden carvings placed around town. A definite place to visit within the Fraser Valley!

Agassiz – Harrison

Agassiz and Harrison, is part of The District of Kent, a well kept secret full of beautiful views and rich history. Its a small community of just over 6000 people close knit and full of cultural events, historical sites, museums, and rich heritage. The neighborhoods consist of Harrison, Harrison Mills, Agassiz, Mount Woodside and Harrison Hot Springs. Harrison in particular is known for its strip of shops and beach front restaurants, as well as the beach with a inflatable waterpark right there on the water!

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