Good Things Come From Small Spaces – Leef and Stem Culinary Co.

an article by Natasha Mijinke, Fraser Valley Now Community Writer

Leef and Stem Culinary Co. - Langley, BC

I had first learnt about Langley’s newest local restaurant from a friend’s Facebook page and I immediately dove in to try and find out more about it. Leef and Stem Culinary Co. is a new whole food, naturally plant based conscious food option in the heart of Langley City.

Officially launched in the Summer of 2018, many call it a breath of fresh air to sustainability and dining out. Even if you aren’t solely vegan, vegetarian, or plant based, Leef and Stem offer a menu of unique veggie dishes that make you feel good from the inside out. And we all need more veggies, right? So tastefully created and beautifully presented, you won’t even realise that the dish is packed with nutrients and immune supporting ingredients.

The cute little café is nestled in the corner of the Country Mall and easily accessed off of 56th Avenue with ample amount of parking. A few outdoor dining options outside are a good option since seating in the compact 500sq ft café is limited to the bar area.

The time we arrived was a busy time for them as both indoors and outdoors were at capacity. I thought about taking our order to go at first as they offer fully compostable take out dishes and cutlery; however, some people moved on, allowing us to sit up at the driftwood bar. I still ordered and received my order in enough time that the busyness didn’t really make an impact on our lunch time.

I was marveled and really enjoyed watching Chef Steven create my Nushi bowl. He moved around the small open kitchen space like an artist at work. Crisp, clean white dishes were the perfect canvas to present his masterpiece created from a local nature’s rainbow. Upon completion, it looked almost too good to eat; almost.

My three-old daughter was the first to dig in using the chopsticks to try and pick up the edamame beans and nori paper. Her “mm-mm-mm” was all I needed to hear to know that our lunch choice was a success for the day. The fusion of tastes was not only delightful to our taste buds but deliciously filling as well.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see my favourite Kombucha brewers on tap; Healthy Hooch Kombucha which was the perfect complement to my healthy lunch choice. I enjoy seeing this local Kombucha company spreading their wings and offering refilling stations around the Fraser Valley.

The entire menu is fresh and unique to provide a one-of-a-kind healthy living experience. I’ve already made plans to meet a friend here next week to try one of their smoothie bowls and perhaps a bite of the uniquely created avocado toast.

Locally sourced, grown, and produced, the menu items are not only good for you, but good for the environment and the local economy as well. I was also happy to learn that Leef and Stem offers catering options which is a nice option when hosting a meeting, party, or gathering that requires lunch. What’s more perfect than offering your employees the whole food nourishment while supporting local growers and businesses.

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