#FVNKidZone is for the Fraser Valley Kids of our communities. We have provided plenty of resources for you to quickly connect with what you may be looking for. We expect #FVNKidZone to grow over time providing even more resources every day! We have included resources for all ages of youth including workshops, crafts, government resources, entertainment, sports and more.

Have we missed your favourite Fraser Valley hangout or something that we should definitely include? Be sure to tell us what it is by clicking here!

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Budget Entertainment - #FVNKIDZONE

City Skateparks

Every city has a couple of skateparks for Fraser Valley Kids who love boarding to use. We are connecting you with all the locations in the Fraser Valley in case you want to check out other ones rather than the closest one to home. Graffiti is frowned upon so keep our city beautiful and the skateparks open by reporting those who do deface the skateparks with graffiti.

Abbotsford Skateparks - #FVNKIDZONE
Mission Skateparks - #FVNKIDZONE
Chilliwack Skateparks - #FVNKIDZONE
Langley Skateparks - #FVNKIDZONE

Fraser Valley Kids Resources – All Ages