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Dealing with Stress Associated with Natural Disasters

Dealing with Stress Associated with Natural Disasters The last few years have undoubtedly been eventful in British Columbia, and Canada as a whole. Our province has suffered through COVID-19, Deadly Heat Waves and the associated forest fires that saw an entire town destroyed, and most recently violent and powerful storms ...
Flatten The Stress Curve - Fraser Valley Wellness

Flatten the Stress Curve

Flatten the Stress Curve The Stress Curve; we can probably all agree that the past few weeks have been somewhat stressful. We will all feel, react and process events differently, but in our bodies stress is registered exactly as that. Stress. Whether it is good or bad, the excitement and ...
Fall In Love With The Outdoors - Fraser Valley Wellness

Fall In Love With The Outdoors

Fall In Love With The Outdoors With summer slowing down and the days getting shorter again, we have been taking some time to notice the leaves that have begun to fall. If you are feeling like you need some motivation to get outside, we have come up with a few ...
Meet You Outside - Fraser Valley Now Wellness Blog

Meet You Outside

Meet You Outside Meet You Outside Fraser Valley! August is here and we are all craving the beautiful outdoors! This summer, like the rest of this year, certainly has had its challenges and differences. There are a lot of new things to consider when heading out on almost any day ...
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