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Please submit your local community event with us to have it listed in our event calendar and promoted. There are some guidelines related to events we will accept and they are as follows:

  • Event must be a local community event held in the Fraser Valley which includes Langley, Fort Langley, Aldergrove, Abbotsford, Cultus Lake, Chilliwack, Mission, Hope, Agassiz, Harrison Mills or Harrison Hot Springs. We have also included Surrey and Maple Ridge as “next door” cities.
  • Events should not be illegal, not depict violence against women, children or animals, and should meet the high moral and ethical standards of FraserValleyNow.com
  • Community Events do not include business sales events or promotions, we offer advertising and marketing solutions for those types of events so please don’t submit these to our event calendar
  • All Fraser Valley Event Calendar submissions are reviewed before being posted, if your event is rejected, you will not be notified as we anticipate large volumes of event submissions
  • Each event is allowed one image, file size no larger than 200kb, and the image should be roughly 300px wide by 300px high. If you have an image close to that number, that is okay

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Note: You do not need an account to submit an event to the Fraser Valley Event Calendar.

Date and Time


It shows next to event time on the Single Event Page. You can enter notes such as timezone in this field.

Countdown Method



Custom Days Repeating

Add certain days to event occurrence dates. If you have a single day event, start and end dates should be the same, If you have a multiple day event, the start and end dates must be commensurate with the initial date. Read More

:label: x
  • First
    • Mon Mon.1-
    • Tue Tue.1-
    • Wed Wed.1-
    • Thu Thu.1-
    • Fri Fri.1-
    • Sat Sat.1-
    • Sun Sun.1-
  • Second
    • Mon Mon.2-
    • Tue Tue.2-
    • Wed Wed.2-
    • Thu Thu.2-
    • Fri Fri.2-
    • Sat Sat.2-
    • Sun Sun.2-
  • Third
    • Mon Mon.3-
    • Tue Tue.3-
    • Wed Wed.3-
    • Thu Thu.3-
    • Fri Fri.3-
    • Sat Sat.3-
    • Sun Sun.3-
  • Fourth
    • Mon Mon.4-
    • Tue Tue.4-
    • Wed Wed.4-
    • Thu Thu.4-
    • Fri Fri.4-
    • Sat Sat.4-
    • Sun Sun.4-
  • Last
    • Mon Mon.l-
    • Tue Tue.l-
    • Wed Wed.l-
    • Thu Thu.l-
    • Fri Fri.l-
    • Sat Sat.l-
    • Sun Sun.l-
Occurrences times

The event will finish after certain repeats. For example if you set it to 10, the event will finish after 10 repeats.Read More

Event Data

Hourly Schedule

Add new days for schedule. For example if your event is multiple days, you can add a different schedule for each day!

New Day

Add new hourly schedule row

Event Main Location


Choose one of saved locations or insert new one below.Read More

eg. City Hall

eg. City hall, Manhattan, New York


If you leave the latitude and longitude empty, Modern Events Calendar tries to convert the location address to geopoint, Latitude and Longitude are the units that represent the coordinates at geographic coordinate system. To make a search, use the name of a place, city, state, or address, or click the location on the map to find lat long coordinates.Get Latitude and Longitude

Remove image

Other Locations

You can select extra locations in addition to main location if you like.

Event Main Organizer


Choose one of saved organizers or insert new one below.Read More

eg. John Smith

eg. +1 (234) 5678

eg. john@smith.com

eg. https://webnus.net

Remove image

SEO Schema

Following statuses are for informing search engines (Google, bing, etc) about your events so they can manage your events better. Therefore you can use these statuses to be more Search Engine Friendly.

For active events!

If you postponed an event then you can use this status!

If you cancelled an event then you should select this status!

For the events that moved online!

Event Cost

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