Earthquakes: Safety Tips and Resources

Fraser Valley Earthquakes - Safety TipsHere in British Columbia, it is simply inevitable that we will experience earthquakes, but being prepared can relieve much of the worry. Even with some of the largest earthquakes, you can limit much of the damage by preparing your immediate environment for it.

There are several resources online and through your local government offices that can guide you through Earthquake Preparedness. We have outlined some suggested items that you can use to prepare including a sample earthquake kit outline.

Many people nowadays live in condos and apartment buildings. Get To Know Your Neighbour! This is very important as they could be your potential lifeline and building trust with them is extremely valuable. In addition to knowing your neighbours, be sure you coordinate with your family and possibly friends and arrange a mutual meeting spot. Safety in numbers is always better.

Be sure to participate in SHAKEOUTBC! Learn More about the annual event by clicking here!

Sample Kit Idea for Earthquakes

Don’t be overwhelmed by being prepared. It may take a few hours initially, but then it is done. Know your plan as to where you are going and what you are bringing. Water is very important in a survival plan:
– 4 Litres of Water per person, per day
– Nursing mothers, sick individuals and children may require more
– Depending on outside temperatures, you may need more
Pets typically can survive on 30mm of water per kg of body weight; in general terms an average dog or cat needs ½ a cup of water daily

Earthquake Kits - Fraser ValleySample Earthquake Kit
– Food – 2400 or 3600 Calorie Bars
– Water – Pouches or commercially bottled
– Aquatabs – Water Purification Tablets
– Flashlight and Batteries
– Glow Sticks
– AM/FM Radio
– Medications
– Seasonal Clothing, including a Rain poncho
– Emergency Blankets
– Cell Phone Charger
– Duct Tape
– Pen and Notepad
– Sani Napkins – Disinfectant
– Toiletries
– Small Sewing Kit
– First Aid Kit
– N95 Breathing Mask
– Extra Pair of Glasses or Contacts
– Whistle
– Plan a location for family to meet
– Cash (Preferable in Small Bills)
– Latex Gloves and Heavy Duty Work Gloves
– Multi-Function Swiss Army Knife
– Copies of your Important Documents (example: insurance papers) and ID

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