Things To Do In Mission

There are many things to do in Mission BC and we have outlined some of them below. As time goes on, we will add to this list. If there is something you feel should definitely be on our list, let us know through our online form.

Cascades Falls Regional Park - Things To Do In Mission, BC

Cascades Falls Regional Park
Located at: 36421 Ridgeview Road, Deroche, British Columbia

Cascades Falls is a beautiful hike up about 300m to a boardwalk and stairs that take you to this glorious water falling 30 metres into an emerald pool. The amazement doesn’t end just there, the park covers 22 hectares of lush greenery and peaceful trails to explore!




Westminster Abbey - Mission, BC

Westminster Abbey

Located at: 34224 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V2V 4J5

The Westminster Abbey is a sight to be seen, this amazing structure was built in 1953 and is home to about 30 monks today. The Abbey’s official name is the Abbey of Saint Joseph of Westminster, their patron saint being Saint Joseph.


More Things To Do In Mission….

Mission Raceway Park – Things To Do In Mission

Located at: 32670 Dyke Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V2V 4J5

Mission Raceway is one of British Columbia’s premier tracks, with a 1/4 mile NHRA-sanctioned dragstrip stretching 4200 feet long and 60 feet wide, a 2 km nine turn road course, and a 3 km motocross track. It is home to many events between April and October of each year.



Mission Museum - Mission, BC

Mission Museum – Things To Do In Mission

Located at: 33201 2nd Avenue, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V2V 1J9

Mission Museum goal is “Recording our History, Educating the Community, Preserving our Heritage”, it holds over 10,000 objects which have been donated over the years. It has no admission cost, and a mix of Aboriginal to English history plus more.



Ferncliff Gardens – Things To Do In Mission

Located at: 35344 McEwen Avenue, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V2V 6R4

Ferncliff Gardens is a family owned retail nursery and is one of the most fertile and scenic locations within the Fraser Valley. They have a Dahlia Show Garden open mid August to the end of September of each year, showcasing over 150 varieties of dahlias. Visit their website for specific times and dates.



Powerhouse at Stave Lake - Things To Do In Mission, BC

Powerhouse at Stave Falls

Located at: 31338 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V4S 1C4

The Powerhouse at Stave Falls is a dual-dam power complex that was completed in 1912 for the primary purpose of producing hydroelectric power, although it was upgraded in the year 2000, it was once BC’s largest hydroelectric power source. It is open March to October.

Website: Click Here


Davis Lake Provincial Park – Things To Do In Mission

Located at: Sylvester Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V0M 1L0

Davis Lake Provincial Park is 192 hectare park that was designated to a Provincial Park back in 1963, and is boosting with wildlife and history along with well aged trees including Douglas-Fir, Red Cedar, Vine Maple and the Western Hemlock to name a few. Amazing trails to explore or enjoy some water activities.



Hayward Lake- Mission BC

Hayward Lake

Located at: 31279 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V4S 1C4

Hayward Lake is not only a lake but also a reservoir on the Stave River which is formed by the Ruskin Dam. There are beaches, many trails some that take you to great look out spots, as well as a dog beach for your furry companion to explore and frolic.


Rolley Lake Provincial Park

Located at: the end of Bell Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada.

Rolley Lake Provincial Park is a 115 hectare park with trails to explore, water activities to enjoy as well as about 64 campsites just minutes from the lakeshore. Originally named back in 1888, this Lake is now a popular place for both residents and visitors alike.



Fraser River Heritage Park - Mission, BC

Fraser River Heritage Park

Located at: 7494 Mary Street, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V2V 6Y9

Fraser River Heritage Park is a fabulous large park full of lush greenery and trails, along with picnic tables and a playground for kids. This park offers many spectacular views of Mission as well as its surrounding cities. It also is the host of many community events as well.

Website: Click Here


Trout Creek Farm – Things To Do In Mission

Located at: 31474 Townshipline Avenue, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V4S 1G4

Trout Creek Farm is a all natural fishing adventure. With picnic tables, barbecues, covered gazebo, swings and slides for the kids, and their pond full of Rainbow Trout for your family to enjoy catching. They even supply the equipment!



Bear Mountain Trail

Located at: 10969 Dewdney Trunk Road, Mission, British Columbia, Canada, V4S 1L1

Bear Mountain Trail also known as Mill Pond or Red Mountain Trails in Mission, this well maintained park is a not so busy lovely walk full of nature. Popular for hikers and mountain biking this trail offers a variety of flow and technical trails with a beautiful pond at the start to enjoy as well.

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