Elementary Schools Mission - Fraser Valley SchoolsElementary Schools Mission

There are 9 elementary schools Mission within the District. They are outlined below and for more information about the schools, visit their website or contact them directly.

Albert McMahon Elementary School
32865 Cherry Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 2V1
Phone: 604-826-0274
Fax: 604-826-1760
Website: http://albertmcmahon.mpsd.ca


Cherry Hill Elementary School
32557 Best Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 2S5
Phone: 604-826-9239
Fax: 604-826-5197
Website: http://cherryhill.mpsd.ca

More Elementary Schools Mission…….

Ecole Mission Central Elementary
7466 Welton Street
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 6L4
Phone: 604-826-1414
Fax: 604-826-0258
Website: http://missioncentral.mpsd.ca


Windebank Elementary
33570 11 Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 6Z2
Phone: 604-826-2213
Fax: 604-826-7381
Website: http://windebank.mpsd.ca


Edwin S Richards Elementary School
33419 Cherry Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 2V5
Phone: 604-826-2834
Fax: 604-826-0068
Website: http://esrichards.mpsd.ca


West Heights Elementary
32065 Van Velzen Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 4J7
Phone: 604-826-6401
Fax: 604-826-9934
Website: http://westheights.mpsd.ca


Silverdale Elementary
29715 Donatelli Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V4S 1H6
Phone: 604-826-2526
Fax: 604-826-3610
Website: http://silverdale.mpsd.ca


Christine Morrison Elementary
32611 McRae Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 2L8
Phone: 604-826-6528
Fax: 604-826-9175
Website: http://morrison.mpsd.ca


Hillside Elementary School
33621 Best Avenue
Mission, British Columbia
V2V 5Z3
Phone: 604-826-4187
Website: http://hillside.mpsd.ca

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