Neighbourhood Parks Mission

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Mission Neighbourhood Parks

Fenn Park - Mission Neighbourhood Parks

Fenn Park – Mission Neighbourhood Parks

Bailey Park
Located at: 8425 Bailey Place, Mission, British Columbia

Blott Park
Located at: 7696 Blott Street, Mission, British Columbia
-Fenced open space

College Heights Park
Located on 11th Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground and picnic tables

Dr H.G Humes Memorial Park
Located at: 7442 Hurd Street, Mission, British Columbia
-paved paths, picnic tables, benches, washroom, and parking.

Fenn Park
Located at: 33597 3rd Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground, picnic tables and benches.

Gary McDonald Park
Located at: 32695 Bobcat Drive, Mission, British Columbia

Griner Park
Located at: 32835 Janzen Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground and sand volleyball courts.

Hatzic Park
Located at: 8416 Draper Street, Mission, British Columbia
-Two softball fields, washrooms and parkng.

Jackwade Park
Located at: 33716 Veres Terrace, Mission, British Columbia
Playground and benches.

Kinsmen East Park
Located at: 7561 Murray Street, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground, washrooms and parking.

Kinsmen West Park
Located at: 7313 Hurd Street, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground, picnic tables, benches, and paved paths.

Knightview Park
Located at: 33599 Knight Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground and benches.

Lightburn Park
Located at: 32887 Phelps Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Playground, picnic tables, and benches.

Ogle Park
Located at: 14th Avenue & Tanager Street, Mission, British Columbia

Ruskin Park
Located at: 10561 Ruskin Crescent, Mission, British Columbia

Silverdale Park
Located at: 29800 Donatelli Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Softball Diamond, trails and washrooms.

Stewart Park
Located at: 7911 Stewart Street, Mission, British Columbia
-Swing Set, and a picnic table.

Tom Jones Park
Located at: 32693 Mitchell Avenue, Mission, British Columbia
-Large open space and large Playground.

Wren Park
Located at: 30436 Silverhill Street, Mission, British Columbia
-Slo-Pitch diamond, picnic shelters, picnic tables, parking and washrooms.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

Mission Major Parks

Mission Skatepark

Mission Dog Parks

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