Mission Skatepark

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Mission Skatepark

Mission Skatepark - Mission, BC, Canada

Mission Skatepark

Mission Skatepark opened July 16th 2016, it consists of neat benches that look like giant skateboards and it offers concrete obstacles with asphalt.

Located at: 7650 Grand Street, Mission, British Columbia

Mission Skatepark offers 5 stair sets, manny pads, ledges, bowls, pyramids, dual hubbas and rails, plus so much more. It is a very popular location as it resides on the Mission Leisure Centre lot so there is a playground, sportsfields and lots to do around here.

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Mission Skatepark - Mission, BC

Awesome Bench!

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Mission Skatepark - Mission, BC, Canada

Skills and Rails


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Credit to Those2Weirdoz for this video

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