Jack Poole Harbourside Park

Jack Poole Harbourside Park is a beautiful little concrete park along the Fraser River. The plaque reads Mission Spirit Square, its a starting place to explore the Fraser River and all the history that surrounds it.

Located at: 33371 Harbour Avenue, Mission, British Columbia

From this park you can see the Canadian Pacific Railway Bridge which was the first crossing link in British Columbia to the United States. As well as the location that the First Nations settled here for its natural resources as well as the early European Settlers did too.

This location is also known for the large sturgeons the fisherman have caught out of the Fraser River along this area. This park as picnic tables, parking and washrooms.

Jack Poole Harbourside Park - Mission, BC                Jack Poole Harbourside Park - Mission, BC              Jack Poole Harbourside Park - Mission, BC

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