Creating an Awesome Business Listing

Creating An Awesome Business ListingEssentially, you can use this information for any online business directory, but it is specific to those found within the Fraser Valley Now network of websites. There may be features in our directory you just won’t find in other ones.

There are many factors to look at when creating an impactful business listing. Making yourself stand out from not only your competition but also other local businesses can be a tough task. Everyone wants the attention of every visitor to our websites. Here are some key things to do which will give your listing the best opportunity to not only show up within the search engines, but also provide the most exposure through the local community.


  1. ALWAYS use your business name, the one on the front of your store. Don’t use a numbered or names corporation, unless that is the sole name of your business. Name recognition is extremely important as it supports branding for your business.


  1. When asked to provide a business description / bio, provide 300-600 words that talk about the solutions your business provides to a consumer. For example, if you have a carpet cleaning business, nobody cares about the horsepower of the carpet cleaner, but, they will care that the power gets out deep ground in dirt and grime along with leaving your home smelling fresh. The same would be for restaurants or any business. Outline the benefits of the products or services you provide.


  1. Complete EVERY field you possible can in the profile. Depending on the level of listing you purchased, some fields may not be available but at the same time, completing all the ones you have purchased is very important. Email, phone, website, social media links, imagery, video links, hours of operation, and more; all fields are extremely important.


  1. Logo, yes, a logo. Identifying your business with a brand image is very important. It reinforces the brand and creates that level of professionalism.


  1. Share your newly created listing on Social Media. Yes, naturally this benefits us, but that is not why we want you to share it. Each time you share it or someone else shares it, that is another link to your business. The more links, the more people find you. Again, you can see the name recognition aspect to branding happening with each click of the mouse. Our websites are marketed by a Digital Marketing company so it is very active.


  1. FOLLOW US on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The more connections we create with you, the better your business will do. We typically do some extra sharing for clients who are connected with us on Social Media.
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