Dog Parks Chilliwack

Dog Parks ChilliwackDog Parks Chilliwack; There are amazing places in your neighbourhood designed especially for your four-legged friends to frolic and enjoy! Dog parks are designed for the well trained dogs to enjoy some off leash time to make friends and enjoy some free running time.

Please remember the parks are enjoyed by others as well as yourself so there are rules to abide by while you and your dogs are visiting, so please remember your ‘PETIQUETTE’

Dog Park Etiquette
1. Please leash your dog while entering and exiting the park
2. No sick dogs
3. Your dog needs to be licensed by the City (if older than 6 months)
4. No puppies under 4 months old
5. No females in heat, aggressive, excessive barkers, or out of control dogs
6. Do not let your dog chase the Wildlife
7. No food or toys since they can cause altercations between dogs
8. Children must be supervised by an adult
9. Clean up after yourself & your pets, keep our parks clean
10. Use the off-leash park at your own risk

We encourage the use of the YELLOW DOG Project – If you tie something yellow on your leash this means to warn others that your dog needs some space so to not approach this dog with your dog.

Island 22 – Dog Parks Chilliwack

Located at: 45695 Cartmell Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Has a fully fenced Off Leash area, but have to pay to enter.
Picnic Tables - Fraser Valley Campground

Vedder Park – Dog Parks Chilliwack

Located at: 45450 Petawawa Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia
Has two separate Off Leash areas, one for large dogs and the other for small dogs. Wheelchair accessible although the terrain isn’t completely flat, it’s gravel so you can get to all areas of the park just with caution.
Parking Wheelchair Accessible - Fraser Valley Campgrounds Picnic Tables - Fraser Valley Campground

Cultus Lake Park – Off Leash Areas

Located at the end of Sunnyside Boulevard, 3405 Columbia Valley Road, Chilliwack, British Columbia there is also an Off Leash area behind the plaza and Fire Hall; dog parks Chilliwack.
ParkingWheelchair Accessible - Fraser Valley CampgroundsPicnic Tables - Fraser Valley CampgroundWashroom Facilities

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