Chilliwack Skateparks

Chilliwack Skateparks - SkateboardingChilliwack Skateparks provide a terrain that is challenging for every style or level of skating ability. Whether you Rollerblade, BMX or Skate Board, you will enjoy the fun and challenging opportunities for a broad range of skating styles and abilities available to you at these Parks. Did we miss your favourite skatepark? Let us know so we can get it added to the website!



Webster Landing Skatepark

The Landing Skatepark has spine transfers, banked ramps, handrails, ramps, stair sets and a rare centre dish feature. Fun for any level of ability.

Located at: , British Columbia

Credit to Jamie Roche for this video on Webster Landing Skatepark

Yarrow Skatepark – Chilliwack Skateparks

Yarrow Skatepark was opened for use early December 2011. It took place of the former Skatepark that was the first Skatepark in British Columbia and was built by the local community, but sadly was beginning to show signs of age and wear. The new park was well received with the local community as well as out of town visitors.

Located at: 4380 Kehler Street, Chilliwack ,British Columbia

Credit to TheHumbleSkaterCrew for this video on The Landing Skatepark


The Landing Skatepark – Chilliwack Skateparks

The Landing Skatepark has a combination of mini bowl/ramp areas, a manny pad, flat bar, multiple banks and hips, quarter pipes, spine ramps, multiple down ledges and handrails of a variety of sixes, a pyramid and table tops with rails and ledges, and corner hits. It has challenges for all levels and abilities.

Located at:

Credit to DTP Productions for this video on Webster Landing Skatepark


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