Chilliwack Cemeteries

Chilliwack CemeteriesThere are many local Chilliwack cemeteries within the city. Many are places for local and out of town photographers to come snap shots of the amazing structural pieces as well as the very old statues and many historic headstones can be found here. All the cemeteries have their own unique history dating back to the late 1800s for the City of Chilliwack.


Chilliwack Cemeteries
As an all-denomination cemetery, they provides many different interment options designed to recognize the diverse needs of the families across the Fraser Valley
Located at: 10010 Hillcrest Drive, Chilliwack BC, V2P 7X1

Vedder View Gardens Cemetery
Vedder View first opened in 1992 and remains one of the very few family-owned and operated cemeteries in British Columbia
Located at: 44675 Watson Road, Chilliwack BC, V2R 2Y6


Carmen United Church Cemetery
The First burial occured in 1911, two years after this Church was established. With over 1,000 burials it continues to be a resting place for members of the church and community members regardless of faith or denomination.
Located at: 46110 Promontory Road, Chilliwack, V2R 4M4


Greendale Cemetery
With over 640 burials within Greendale today, this cemetery was established in 1947 by the representatives of the First Mennonite Church (now River of Life Church) and the Mennonite Brethren Church.
Located at: 44651 Watson Road, Chilliwack, V2R 2Y2


St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Chilliwack Cemeteries
This cemetery has over 1,150 burials. St. Mary’s purchased the land from the Carman United Church in the 1950’s and built a cemetery right beside Carman United Church Cemetery. There are three towering hemlock trees that separate the two cemeteries.
Located at: 46080 Promontory Road, Chilliwack, V2R 4M4 


Yarrow Mennonite Cemetery
Established in 1931, this is one of the oldest Mennonote cemeteries in British Columbia. There are over 900 burials and have recently added a columbarium.
Located at: 41367 Hare Avenue, Chilliwack, V2R 5E9

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