City of Chilliwack

Chilliwack, British Columbia

The Township of Chilliwack was incorporated in 1873, and is the 3rd oldest municipality in British Columbia. It is approximately 17,322 hectares (42,800 acres) in size which incorporates at least 939 farms. Farming is essential for this city’s identity. This town is just truly gorgeous, surrounded by mountains and recreational area, lakes, and amazing parks, it is definitely a great place to explore.

The majority of the population came in 1857 when gold was discovered within the Upper Fraser Valley. Over 40,000 gold miners came through the local area by 1859 as they trekked towards the canyons in search of gold. Steamboats were the main form of transportation for carrying goods as well as passengers between the local waters edge and New Westminster. There were several places for people to board the steamships including Miller’s Landing, Minto Landing, Sumas Landing and Chilliwack Landing.

Since the shoreline was pretty packed, commercial and residential areas began setting up in town at what’s called Five Corners. Subdivisions began appearing in 1881, and were then named Centreville which was replaced with what we now know as Chilliwack in 1887. In 1908 the township was incorporated as a separate municipality, The City of Chilliwack, and has an approximate population of 91,000.

The city name was originally spelled “Chilliwhack” which means “quieter water at the head” or travel by way of the back water. Utilizing this original spelling of the city name, many locals refer to Chilliwack as “The Wack”.

Chilliwack Explored!

This city is home to many events each year that draw the attention of surrounding cities and regions. Some of these events include the Fair and Rodeo, Sunflower Festival, Flight Fest and Christmas Craft Market. There are many more events that occur within the district area.

Have you ever had Chilliwack Corn? Well, this is something you must do! It is one of the best things to enjoy during the summer months. Chilliwack is a major corn grower, both for human consumption and animal feed. You can also find farms growing Hops, Blueberries, Squash of all kinds including Pumpkins, Strawberries, and even Cabbage. The district also has many very large dairy farms which provide milk to local dairy plants for human consumption.

From City Parks to Recreational areas, the city and district have so MUCH to offer. From something on the educational side of things, you can visit the Blue Heron Reserve and enjoy a walk through nature.

During the summer months you can find many locals and surrounding community residents flocking to the wonderful recreational area called Cultus Lake. The kids can splash around in the lake, or perhaps head to the waterpark located across the street. Bask in the sun and enjoy the scenery or take on the lake with your jet ski. Opportunities are endless at Cultus Lake.

Perhaps you desire something more with nature. Why not head to Chilliwack Lake? Endless hiking trails, bird watching, canoe trips, and so much more. This lake and all the adjoining lakes bring you closer to the true nature and beauty of British Columbia.

Multiple neighbourhoods combine to make up this amazing city surrounded by beautiful mountains. Some include; The Northside (aka Chilliwack Proper), Cheam, Chilliwack Mountain, Downtown, East Side, Fairfield Island, Rosedale, Popkum, and Southside. There are many communities as well including Atchelitz, Cultus Lake, Greendale, Ryder Lake, Sardis, Promontory, Promontory Heights, Vedder Crossing, Chilliwack Valley, Columbia Valley, and Yarrow.

Chilliwack Events

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