Some Ways to Market Your Small Business

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This has been a tactic for years when you market your small business. Perhaps something that has gone by the wayside in recent years. However, if your website has something of amazing value, something unique, submitting a Press Release to local media may just be the thing.


Claim, Verify and Update Your Google My Business Listing. Local search is simply happening every second of every day and improving your business exposure will drive traffic to your site. In addition, set up a Google Analytics account so you can monitor the traffic running through your website.

Local Directories

Always list your business in local directories,. Having your business listed in several directories creates a buzz for your business online. The more a search engine finds your business, the more value and emphasis it places on it. Utilize Local Directories first as search engines geo target a persons search parameters.

Business Partnerships

Perhaps there is a business service or product that compliments yours, or vice versa. Communicate with that other business and see if there is a way to use the mutual benefit as leverage with your clients.

Market Your Small Business on Social Media

We are not saying create a profile on every social media platform, but utilize the core ones to create a presence for your business. Every business is different as is every social platform. Finding the social platform best for your business can be tricky so always consult a professional for advice. In addition to creating a profile for your business, content creation and posting is also very important.

Articles – Blog

Write an article or two to start with and post them on your website. From there, invite friends, business associates, and clients to read the article you posted. In addition, be sure to share it on Social Media, specifically… Facebook and / or Twitter.

Optimized Website – SEO

This should always be done by a professional which is what we recommend you do. However, it is very important and there are things you can do to help your website out. Be sure that each page of content has at least 350 words of content and at a minimum, 1 image. This is important because it shows that there is value on that page and it should be read. ALWAYS consult with a SEO specialist before adding any keywords or keyword phrases to your website.

Local Business Groups

Head out and meet with other business owners in your local community. Learning about what other businesses are out there could open doors. This can tie in with Business Partnerships easily as you never know what services can benefit your business or clients. Sometimes, it is your service or products that may benefit someone else. Always have a good supply of business cards on hand so you are always ready to share your business. This should be done as an exchange, so for each card you hand out, one should always come back to you from someone else.

Jog Your Memory

Who do you know that can perhaps open up new doors of opportunity for you to market your small business? There are several places you can start researching who you know….. begin with your address book.

Create a Newsletter

Do you have a product or service that has a ton of benefits or is always expanding? Why not put a newsletter signup form on your website and get a mailing list started. We recommend MailChimp as it is very easy to use and is one of the most stable and reputable email services out there. They also offer the service for free up to 1000 subscribers.

Market Your Small Business at Tradeshows

Whether as a consumer or business owner with a display, tradeshows are a great place to build business and awareness. Professional displays are imperative when you market your small business at a Tradeshow.

TV and Radio

This is sometimes out of reach for many business owners simply for the cost element. However, it is a very powerful approach to your marketing and can sometimes create an amazing return on your investment.

Digital Ads

A community resource website such as can provide an opportunity for you to Market Your Small Business with cost effective banner advertising. This has many benefits including a solid branding opportunity to immediate local consumers. Utilizing local websites to market your business is far more effective if your business targets local consumers specifically. For example, if you are a plumber, you are not exactly going to find benefit in marketing on a national level as your target market is just local. Local advertising is typically always more cost effective for the small business.

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