Business Listings and Why They Are Important

A Business Listings Article By C. De Cristofaro, Owner of FVWD Enterprises

Business Listings - Why Are They ImportantIf you own a business online, I am sure you have been approached by one or several online directories to advertise with them. Perhaps you took advantage of the offer they provided and placed your business in their directory. The question you may be asking yourself, was it beneficial to my business? Should my business be in a Business Directory?

The answer in general would be yes and this is why. When you create a business listing on a another website, it creates a doorway to your business. If you are able to include a live website link, it is even more powerful as search engines will find you easily as will customers. Now there are some limitations on client feeds because if your business is in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, having a business listing in Paris, France may not be so beneficial. However, if the listing is free and can include a live link to your website, I would always recommend you do it.

The general idea of a business directory is to provide local consumers with a one stop shop outlet to find whatever type of business they are looking for locally and provide the specific contact information. When you have a business listing locally that includes a live link to your website, it is important to remember that you are creating a doorway into your business. That same doorway is already geo targeting local consumers, your customer demographic.

It is very important to remember that no matter what directory listing you purchase and create, each and every field provided to you should be filled out as much as possible. Business listings are generated to create buzz and interest with the information contained within them. From your logo, website link and address to your imagery, email, and bio. Every bit of a directory listing is important for your business.

Business Listings Directories

Most business listings directories offer listing upgrades and ways to provide your business additional online exposure. Before upgrading any listing, take a look at all the upgrades a business listings directory offers and see what will benefit your business the most. Sometimes, the basic or standard listing option is “just okay”, but, for a few dollars more, your business will receive 20 to 100 times the exposure. What benefits are the advertising company offering you? Many business directories, like the Fraser Valley Now business listings directory, offer their clients social media benefits. They provide business clients the opportunity to provide social posts for the Fraser Valley Now social feed. This creates more buzz for your business and the branding opportunities are priceless.

Some may say that a business listing is a waste of money, but it is not if you make the ideal selection. Choose a local business directory like a directory associated with which is an immediate source for placing your business in front of your target demographic instantly.

From a Digital Marketing perspective, this is one element of online marketing I recommend or provide to every digital marketing client I provide services to. Not having a business listing will simply leave your business camouflaged with the masses. Getting one will help your online presence be one step above!

Social Business Listing Directories

Most businesses online today have a Facebook page. It is just something that seems to be a requirement when looking for any type of marketing traffic online. Did you know though that a Facebook page is just like a business listings directory? Well, it is! Facebook is in the business of marketing. No matter how you look at it, social media is just another form of marketing. They are massive and by taking advantage of all the tools readily available to you, your presence will be that much stronger.

When you create a business page on Facebook, be sure to complete as many fields of information as possible. Every field is a marketable entity and honestly, if Facebook didn’t think it was important, they would not have provided it to you. They make all their fields searchable through their platform so make sure your business is searchable.

Build your incoming link strategies today and generate traffic for your website!

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