International Friendship Garden

The International Friendship Garden is Located at: 32320 George Ferguson Way, Abbotsford British Columbia

This is a beautiful little secret international friendship garden hidden beside the Clearbrook Library. Inside there patio areas making this the perfect place to sit and enjoy your lunch, a pathway to walk all the way around the entire garden with a waterfall and a golden tree. This Garden is a unique space to celebrate all the diversity in our community. It is also available to rent out for special events or photo shoots. This place is definitely a little treasure in Abbotsford.

International Friendship Garden cont’d…..

Three women – maiden, mother, and matriarch – are depicted in the Golden Tree, which was designed and built by Mission artists Dean and Christina Lauze.

Three subtle female forms merge into a twisting, 22-foot apple tree.

A canopy of iridescent green leaves and golden apples covers gleaming gold limbs anchored by strong, thick roots.

The Lauzes described being commissioned to create the monument as an honor and privilege.

“We have tried to convey a deep sense of hope and respect into every element … We hope that this artwork will serve as a symbol of their (the three women’s) strength, love and determination, as well as a lasting reminder of the need for meaningful change.”

Families of Bal, Punia, and Sidhu expressed their gratitude and joy for the project commemorating their loved ones.

“We are proud to dedicate this monument to all farmworkers in B.C., to honour the work they do and to encourage us all to keep working towards healthier and safer working conditions in agriculture,” they said.

In addition to the Provincial Government’s $280,000 contribution, the United Food and Commercial Workers contributed $40,000, WorkSafeBC contributed $30,000 and Vancity contributed $20,000.

A Little History…..

On a highway near Abbotsford, BC, a driver lost control of a poorly maintained and unsafe work van on a March morning in 2007. Three women died as a result.

A coroners’ inquest and a province-wide review of farm transportation were the results of these senseless deaths. Today, farm work is safer due to stronger rules, regulations, and enforcement.

The International Friendship Garden will be a powerful reminder that unsafe work has devastating consequences for workers and their families.

Several organizations, such as the government, labor organizations, business, community groups, and individuals contributed to the construction of the Tree.

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