Abbotsford Community Garden

Abbotsford Community GardenAbbotsford Community Garden has been providing small growing spaces for its members since 2008. Currently over 150 plots are being used by members of the community to grow organic food. This is a great space for you to learn about growing your own foods and get your hands in some soil!

Located at: 1786 Angus Campbell Road, Abbotsford British Columbia

The objective behind the Abbotsford Community Garden was to give the community a space to learn and participate in organic growing, tend to and benefit from having grown their own foods. It is a great learning experience for kids as it shows them where our foods come from and how they can plant their own to feed their families as well. The diverse Abbotsford community comes together to plant and garden together becoming technically “garden neighbors”, bringing strangers together, forming friendships through a common love of gardening.

Abbotsford Community Garden

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