Abbotsford Sports Fields

Abbotsford Sports Fields are in abundance throughout the city and are available for use, through permit or just general use if available. Many of the local minor and community baseball teams as well as soccer clubs utilize these fields through the year. Rugby also has a couple of fields designated for their use. Some fields are closed at specific times of year and to find out which ones are available for reservations or use, please check out the Abbotsford Sports Field Status report.

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Abbotsford Sports Fields Fees

Abbotsford Sports Fields – Parks

Abbotsford Exhibition ParkAbbotsford Exhibition Park
32470 Haida Drive, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond No. 1 (NE) Fastball/Slo-pitch
– Baseball Diamond No. 2 (SE) Fastball/Slo-Pitch
– Baseball Diamond No. 3 (SW) Fastball/Slo-Pitch
– Baseball Diamond No. 4 (NW) Fastball/Slo-Pitch
– Soccer Field No. 1 (NE)
– Soccer Field No. 2 (SE)
– Soccer Field No. 3 (SW)
– Rugby Field No. 4 (NW)
– Rotary Stadium Field


Babich Park - Abbotsford Sports FieldsBabich Park
33404 Wren Crescent, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Bateman Park - Abbotsford Sports FieldsBateman Park
34638 Bateman Road, Abbotsford
(access off Prior Avenue/Davie Street)
– Soccer Field No. 1 (WEST)
– Soccer Field No. 2 (SE)
– Soccer Field No. 3 (NE)




Berry Park Sports Field - AbbotsfordBerry Park
33928 Fern Street, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Bradner Park - Abbotsford Sports FieldsBradner Park
28665 Haverman Road, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Clearbrook Park Sportsfield - AbbotsfordClearbrook Road Park
3680 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond North
– Baseball Diamond South
– Soccer





Crossley Park Sports Field - AbbotsfordCrossley Park
2630 McAdam Road, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Delair Park Sportsfield - Abbotsford ParksDeLair Park
35570 DeLair Road, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond West
– Baseball Diamond East (Little DeLair)
– Soccer Field East
– Soccer Field West





Ellwood Park Sports Field - AbbotsfordEllwood Park
31580 Maclure Road, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond East
– Baseball Diamond West





Grant Park - AbbotsfordGrant Park
Madiera Place, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Kalgidhar Park - AbbotsfordKalgidhar Park
Nightingale Drive, Abbotsford
– Soccer Field






Mathers Park - Sports Fields AbbotsfordMathers Park
36367 Stephen Leacock Drive, Abbotsford
(Maintained by SD No. 34)
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Matsqui Village Park - Abbotsford Sports FieldsMatsqui Village Park
6074 Riverside Street, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond






McMillan Park - AbbotsfordMcMillan Park
2495 McMillan Road, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field East
– Soccer / Rugby Field West
– Oval





Mill Lake Park - Sports Fields AbbotsfordMill Lake Park
2310 Emerson Road, Abbotsford
– Centennial Baseball Diamond
– Lions Baseball Diamond
– Mill Lake Baseball Diamond (Access off of Mill Lake Road)





Matsqui Recreation Centre Sports Fields - AbbotsfordMRC Complex
3106 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford
– Artificial Turf East Field #1
– Artificial Turf Center Field #2
– Artificial Turf West Field #3
– Artificial Turf South Field #4




Ridgeview Park Sports Fields - AbbotsfordRidgeview Park
3520 Vantage Place, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Saddle Park - AbbotsfordSaddle Park
34360 Old Clayburn Road, Abbotsford
– Soccer Field






Swensson Park Sports Fields - AbbotsfordSwensson
27875 Swensson Avenue, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Townline Hill Park - AbbotsfordTownline Hill Park
30959 Blueridge Street & 3522 Blue Jay, Abbotsford
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field





Upper Sumas Sports Fields - AbbotsfordUpper Sumas School
Whatcom & Vye
(Maintained by the City)
– Baseball Diamond
– Soccer Field

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