80 Things To Do At Christmas Time

Christmas Activities - Fraser Valley ChristmasChristmas Time is a magical time of year, whether it’s getting to spend that extra quality time with your family or extended family, or just sipping Hot Chocolate by a fire and enjoying Christmas tunes, it is a wonderful time of year for everyone. Keeping your family entertained and getting into the Christmas spirit sometimes may be difficult, so we have complied a list of fun things to do with your family this year.

1. Take a trip out to see the Christmas Lights. Walk around your neighbourhood or drive to further destinations to see what displays everyone has this year.

2. Head up the local mountains and make a snowman. Building a snowman with your family is so much fun, and just playing in the snow and making something as a family will be a memory you all will hold dear.

3. Visiting Santa at Christmas Time is fun for everyone. Santa is always out and about, ready to hear the things your children wish for this year. Don’t forget about the photos you can put into cards for family and friends.

4. Go on a Christmas Train ride. There are some local trains, or trains in parks that run around Christmas time with festive lights and set ups.

5. Play Pin The Nose on The Reindeer. A fun and interactive game for your whole family to enjoy.

6. Bake Holiday cookies and decorate them. Baking together is always fun and decorating cookies is something for all ages.

7. Pick out a special family ornament for this year.

8. Address and mail your holiday cards. Getting your cards done early is important since the postal service is usually pretty busy around this time of year.

9. Pick out and put up your Christmas Tree. Picking out the best tree for your house is a family fun event.

10. Kiss under the Mistletoe this Christmas Time;  tradition that dates back thousands of years ago.

11. Make a Christmas Wreath for your door.

12. Drink Egg Nog. This thick delicious drink only comes out at Christmas Time, so enjoy it while the stores have it.

13. Have the kids write their letters or wish lists for Christmas and send to Santa. Address to: Santa Claus. North Pole. H0H 0H0

14. Make snow angels in your yard if we see any of the white stuff this winter.

15. Make snow globes to set out for decoration or as a gift to others.

16. Buy some groceries for your local food bank. Christmas time sometimes is a hard time of year for some families. Buy donating food and gifts or sponsoring a family, you will make a Christmas miracle for a family who really needs it.

17. Set up your Nativity Scene.

18. Make your own Christmas mugs.

19. Play in the snow. Even as adults, getting out there and playing like a kid again is exhilarating and will definitely create some amazing memories with your loved ones.

20. Decorate your Christmas Tree. Tree decorating is one of the best things about Christmas. All the lights, the ornaments that you have collected over the years and finally placing that Angel or Star on the top of your glistening masterpiece.

21. Make your own Advent Calendar for your kids or even your loved ones. There are tons of ideas of how to make an advent calendar for your kids, there are also ideas for Wine Advent Calendars as well for those big kids at heart that love wine.

22. Make and decorate your Gingerbread houses. Whether you make your own from scratch or buy a kit at the store, building gingerbread houses is fun and delicious.

23. Do some Holiday baking. Baking makes awesome gifts as well as great to have around while you have guests and family over for the holidays.

24. Build an Ice Fort.

25. Go on a sleigh ride or a hay ride depending on what’s happening around your neighbourhood. Check out the local farms and Ranches, sometimes they have events posted that you and your whole family can enjoy.

26. Make Reindeer Food and put it out for Christmas Time.

27. If your crafty you can knit a sweater or scarf as a gift.

28. Watch your favourite holiday movie and enjoy a hot chocolate or peppermint tea.

29. Sing Christmas songs. Dancing around the house, singing to your favourite Christmas tunes is a quick way to get into the spirit and enjoy your holidays.

30. Put out your Elf on the Shelf and take pictures of all the funny things he gets into.

31. Hide Chocolate Coins around the house for a family fun game of Christmas Treasure Hunt.

32. Go Carolling in your neighbourhood.

33. Make some Christmas Time Ornaments to give as gifts or put on your own tree.

34. Invite some friends over to make popcorn garland for your tree.

35. Buy and donate toys for a local children’s charity. Make a child’s Christmas a special one.

36. Try cool flavours of Candy Canes and share them with friends.

37. Hang your stockings.

38. Do some research on holiday traditions around the world and choose one to add to family traditions. Adding something unique will only make your Christmas even better and it’s something your children can do with their children in the future as well.

39. Go Ice Skating.

40. Have a day of Random Acts of Kindness. Make someones’ day special by doing something simple for someone else.

41. Make special cards and deliver them to your local nursing home. No one should be forgotten at Christmas Time.

42. Take your kids to the local dollar store and let them pick out gifts for other family members.

43. Write your own Family Christmas story. You can actually get it done into a photo book with Shutterfly.

44. Roast chestnuts on an open fire or simply roast them in the oven.

45. Family Snowball fight.

46. Sit around a fire and read some Christmas stories.

47. Put out food for the Birds and Squirrels in your neighbourhood. (if the local bylaws permit)

48. Make homemade Christmas Glitter play dough for your kids.

49. Help wrap presents for friends and family members.

50. Learn a Christmas song on the piano, guitar, or other musical instrument.

51. Organize a Secret Santa at work.

52. Play board games as a family.

53. Make snow paint and go colour your neighbourhood.

54. Attend a Holiday Parade or Tree Lighting Ceremony.

55. Have the kids make special cards or gifts for their teachers.

56. Perhaps the kids could make a present for Santa instead of just leaving cookies and milk.

57. Create a list of everything you are grateful for.

58. Host a Winter Party.

59. Visit your local library and borrow some awesome Christmas books.

60. Make Winter Tea

61. Take a family portrait.

62. Make a special plate for Santa with unique cookies and of course carrots for the reindeer.

63. Compile a Christmas Playlist on your iPod.

64. Spend the day in your pajamas.

65. Visit your local candy store for a special holiday treat.

66. Shovel someone’s drive way for them.

67. Have a living room family camp out.

68. Make S’mores in your fire place.

69. Decorate your entire house with ribbons, bows and any Christmas Decor your can find.

70. Make your own wrapping paper.

71. Cuddle by the fire.

72. Have a Christmas Eve gift, for our family it was always new pajamas to wear in preparation for Santa.

73. Buy a new Tree Ornament each year for your kids, when they are adults they will have years of amazing memories and traditions to share with their families.

74. Track Santa. There is a website as well as on some television stations where your kids can see where Santa is in the world at that time. https://www.noradsanta.org 

75. Plan and prepare your Christmas Dinner.

76. Go to Church.

77. Gift Guess, guessing what presents are before you get to open them.

78. Make up a new family Christmas Time tradition that you will do each year.

79. Make a special breakfast for Christmas day morning.

80. Decide on your New Year’s Resolution.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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